In class, we have watched the movie “Spare Parts”. The movie is about four undocumented Latino kids who enter a robotics competition and win against many odds. The movie is based on a true story, and a list exists to show the differences between what really happened and what happens in the movie.

One of the differences at the list was that the teacher, Fredi Cameron, was to persons in the real story, named Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Camron. The two teachers names were put together into one name, Fredi Cameron. Another part of the list that surprised me was that the one kid called Lorenzo that was portrayed like a smart-alec in the movie, was in real life one of the smartest in the team. He was the brain behind some part of the robot that made it work.


The four boys came from Carl Hayden Community High School. It is a school that not have access to a lot of money, compared with the other colleges that attended the contest.  In the movie, we saw that the economy was a problem for the boys. They clearly struggled with having enough money for the robot. Because of this struggle, they used materials that cost less than materials that what would have been more ideal. This cast some problems with the parts, that the boys had to fix during the making. This probably would not have been an issue if they used materials as the other schools. Carl Hayden won the competition although they hade a cheaper budget. The second place, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), had a robot made of at least twenty times more money. This show clearly how big a difference it is between the resources the schools had access to.


Robots can be used in many different situations and circumstances. The smartest and most efficient way to use robots is in places where either it would be dangerous to send people or places where humans can’t possibly access. You can, for example, use robots to dig out people from destroyed buildings after natural disasters.




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