Dear Mr. DiCaprio!

In class today we saw the movie “Before the Flood”, and at the end of the movie, you and Barack Obama discussed the Paris agreement. My biggest concern is that the US has gone away from this agreement. What is going on in the US at the moment is very worrisome and there may come many negative consequences of what is happening. What are your thoughts about that?

What surprised me in the movie was how many people who still don’t believe in climate change. I think the first thing we need to do is to convince and open the eyes to all these people. If we are going to help the environment in order to work towards slowing climate change, we need everyone to see how big a crisis this is.

I knew much about climate change before we watch the movie, but I didn’t know how extreme it was, and who fast it are going. The important things to take with you form the movie is the truth of what is actually happening to our planet.

Regards, Cornelia


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