“A Day’s Wait”

The short story “A Day’s Wait” is about a nine years old boy called Schatz, who spend is whole day thinking his dying, which is a result of a misunderstanding between the boy and his father. Schatz has a temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and he has heard from some boys in France you can’t live with a temperature of 44 degrees Celsius. Thinking these two units are the same, he believes his about to die and his father is clueless about the thoughts of his son. Schatz’s true thoughts aren’t revealed until the end of the story, to the father’s great surprise. The short story was written by Ernest Hemingway.

The lost generation is a group of writers that got there life effect by WW1 and wrote fictional works from their experience. Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous people considered in this group. He expressed his ideas in writing styles that were new and different, and he is known for his short, declarative style of writing. Hemingway’s writing style, particularly his method of writing dialogue, has influenced many other writers. Notice that Hemingway does not always tell the reader who is speaking. He is one of the most often imitated writers of the 1900s. Like much of Hemingway’s writing, “A Day’s Wait” is based on actual events in Hemingway’s life. While he was living in France, his son came down with high fever and reacted similarly to the boy in the story.



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