How well students learn depends to a large extent on good teachers and effective learning materials. In class today we played the game “Spent”. The game is about how it is to be poor in the United States. The challenge is to survive 30 days with $ 1000 in your wallet. You have won the game if you still have money left after 30 days, and you lose if you don’t.

While playing the game, I released that there are several different issues you meet through one month. I had to refuse my son from going to the museum with his class. That was a choice I did not want to take. I asked my self after making that choice, why did I do that? It got me thinking about how much your economy affects your family and children. I also had to put my dog to sleep. You can’t risk having no money left after taking my dog to the doctor, and because of that, you have to make a hard decision. One day I got sick, but I didn’t have enough money to afford to skip work, so I had to go. In real life, this could of cost consequences for my health in the long run.

After playing Spent, it opened my mind to cultural differences, working life, and the welfare state in the US compared to Norway. Many of the issues in the game would not be a problem in Norway. We have, in Norway, a welfare system that helps you if you run out of money. You can get help from NAV with work, and get social security benefits and social assistance.


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